Having moved house I needed somewhere to work so I’ve set about building s workshed. I don’t need a lot of space, much of what I do is paperless and is done online. Previously I had a 4′ long desk on the landing so anything more would be a bonus.

First up I get a bog standard 8’x6′ garden shed.

After much consideration I opted for some old railway sleepers for foundations, these were ridiculously cheap at £12each +VAT delivered. I dug them into the garden to form a level base. Putting  the shed up proved a slight challenge singlehanded on a windy day but using some lateral thinking and some clever knots it wasn’t too bad. One of the reviews for the shed suggested it needed 3 people to erect, some people really are useless.

Next up was insulation. I did some calculations and realised with such a small area I wouldn’t need to go too mad with insulation. I gathered up a stash of scrap polystyrene and bubblewrap from the house move and the packing for new furniture we have bought and used that to insulate the walls and roof. Inside I lined the walls with a foil laminate insulation material, more as it is easy to form a good vapour barrier and draught seal with this than for its insulation value. Ultimately there will be an inside wall finish of driftwood and other offcuts but that can wait.

The floor has some underlay and a bit of offcut carpet, it’ll do.

Electrickery was next, I had a spare heavy duty extension lead so that has come into play as a temporary supply. Firing up an electric fire on a sub-zero day it seems I need less than a kw to heat the space comfortably. Ultimately I have my eye on a boat woodstove to heat the place.

The desk is made from a bit of elm that we have been looking for a use for since 2001.

Wifi is available from the house via a secure network.

So after a month of chaos I am finally back to work re-arranging pixels into architectural shapes and scratching my head over problems other people don’t want. If you’ve got an architectural problem and nobody else can help, knock on my shed door…or email me…