Hoaroak Cottage

If you are adventuring onto Exmoor and are reasonably competent out in the wilds there is a place you really should try to seek out; http://www.hoaroakcottage.org/ .

Hoaroak Cottage is an abandoned farmhouse about as far from civilisation as you can get on Exmoor, it was once home to my Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother and their 13 children. Their story and that of the other folk who have occupied this remote place is told on the above website.

Below are a few pictures of us filming an episode of the popular FlameTV programme HeirHunters out at the cottage.

Update – It seems the series featuring this episode is being re-run, I’ll keep you posted…

Land Rover Stuff

In the interests of making the old site avaialble for people to see please follow the links below:

The page that shows the Land Rover spec sheet – http://www.muddyredlandrover.co.uk/110.htm -needless to say, its out of date…

The page for photos of the Land Rover – http://www.muddyredlandrover.co.uk/photos.htm

The old Exmoor Challenge page – http://www.muddyredlandrover.co.uk/eq2.htm

The old Bude daytrip page – http://www.muddyredlandrover.co.uk/Bude.htm Link to Difflock article ‘what I wrote’ http://www.difflock.com/diffmag/issue17/bude/index.shtml

I’ll keep adding to this as I remember the urls