Exmoor Centre

My brother and I manage the lettings and maintenance for a charity owned bunkhouse out in the wilds of Exmoor. Have a look at the blog here: http://exmoorcentre.blogspot.co.uk/ or follow us on Twitter via @exmoorcentre or me at @willbowden

The bunkhouse is very cheap to hire and anyone can book it. It is 1km from the road down a steep valley and across a river so you do need to be reasonably fit and agile to get there. We can transport any luggage or kit you want to get out to the bunkhouse by Land Rover for a modest fee if required.

Land Rovers we have owned

In no particular order these are some of the Land Rovers that we have owned.

Hoaroak Cottage walk

Yesterday a group of us walked out to Hoaroak Cottage (hoaroakcottage.org). Here are a few photos of the day. There will be a write up of the walk on the Hoaroak Cottage website in due course.


Minis are my other automotive weakness. I have owned a few…lots more photos to add when I find them…

Land Rover Pictures

This is a dumping ground for photos to link to forums etc…hope you like them

Repainting the Land Rover

The Land Rover gets a lot of abuse. It forces its way through scratchy bushes several times a week going out to the Exmoor Centre, I am always chucking bikes and timber on the roof and generally using its bodywork as movable scaffold. The good thing is if I do decide to give a fresh coat of paint it only takes a day and a pot of Dulux paint! Everyone thought I was mad painting a Land Rover with normal gloss paint. My argument is that its cheap…very cheap.

Yesterday I had some free time and having found an old tin of Dulux Celebration Red gloss from when I painted the Land Rover 12 years ago I thought it was time to start to freshen its image up for the summer.

I gathered together the tools required:

Scraper x2

Drill, with flappy sanding discs in various grits. Drill battery charger.

Sanding pads and a bucket

Paint Brish (not Brush, this is Exmoor remember)



By lunchtime I reckoned I’d earned some cider


and by end of play the Land Rover was bright red again.

It needs another coat really and I have a lot of black bits to paint yet but its definitely looking smarter now.