Tour of Britain

We went to the Tour of Britain Devon Stage start at the weekend. Thousands turned out for it and it seemed really well organised and very friendly. There were a few idiots who thought that barriers didn’t apply to them but they were roundly booed by the crowd which was fun and embarrassed them a treat. They were typical snob cyclists, a breed of people I have no time for, they turn up to an event like this with thousands of people and expect to be able to ride their expensive touring bikes through the crowds.

After a bit of waiting at the Team Sky bus Mark Cavendish came out and signed eldest sons old HTC cycling shirt. Cav seemed more than happy to be signing everything waved at him, he couldn’t have been looking forward to the day much though. I’d think the profile of the Devon stage was like a bad day at the office for him.

We saw Devon rider and event leader Jonathan Tiernan-Locke sign on at the start, glad to hear after he had kept the lead and went on to win the event. We’ll keep a closer eye on J T-L from now on.

After the start we bought some bargain Tour of Britain goodies then nipped back to the Sky bus and the chaps there very generously let the kids jump on board to get a photo sat in Cav’s seat. Thanks again fellas if you read this :-)

Hoaroak work starts

Work has started on Hoaroak Cottage. Exmoor National Park are carrying out some stabilisation work on the remains of this important remote farm cottage. Bette and Jim Baldwin and I took a stroll out there yesterday to catch up on progress. We are all founder members of The Friends of Hoaroak Cottage, Bette and I have a family connection with the building as a mutual Ancestor James Maxwell Johnstone ( lived there with his family.

For more information about the cottage and those who lived there visit the website of The Friends of Hoaroak Cottage