Repainting the Land Rover

The Land Rover gets a lot of abuse. It forces its way through scratchy bushes several times a week going out to the Exmoor Centre, I am always chucking bikes and timber on the roof and generally using its bodywork as movable scaffold. The good thing is if I do decide to give a fresh coat of paint it only takes a day and a pot of Dulux paint! Everyone thought I was mad painting a Land Rover with normal gloss paint. My argument is that its cheap…very cheap.

Yesterday I had some free time and having found an old tin of Dulux Celebration Red gloss from when I painted the Land Rover 12 years ago I thought it was time to start to freshen its image up for the summer.

I gathered together the tools required:

Scraper x2

Drill, with flappy sanding discs in various grits. Drill battery charger.

Sanding pads and a bucket

Paint Brish (not Brush, this is Exmoor remember)



By lunchtime I reckoned I’d earned some cider


and by end of play the Land Rover was bright red again.

It needs another coat really and I have a lot of black bits to paint yet but its definitely looking smarter now.

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