About Me

Well you’ve found my little corner of the Internet so there is a good chance you know me or have met me already.

Where to start? Lynton I suppose, I was born in Lynton on the coast of Exmoor in the sou-west corner of England in November 1967. I am married with 2 sons, a big Exmoor Lurcher, a Patterdale Terrier and a cat.

I went to school in Lynton then Ilfracombe before heading to colleges in Barnstaple and Exeter where I learnt the fine art of designing buildings, the business I have been in almost constantly since starting work. I say almost constantly as I have had a few sidetracks into a Cafe business and a Cake Manufacture and Wholesale Company. The Cakes saw me dabbling in the chaos that are shows such as The BBC Good Food Show and rubbing shoulders with TV personalities.

My second brush with fame saw me on TVs Heirhunters programme, pictured below filming with Sophie the Director.


The Heirhunters programme featured a long lost aunt of my Dad’s and our family connection with the remote Hoaroak Cottage high on Exmoor. Since filming the programme I have been involved with much more work around the preservation of the cottage and the memories of those who have lived and worked there. Have a look here for more information – HoaroakCottage.org

You’ll find links about my Architecture work on here, I am hopeless at remembering to take photographs of things for blog posts though. Most of my site photographs are dull pictures of rotting wood or missing bits of structure that should be offering vital support. I do¬†get involved in new build work occasionally but its mostly refurbishment and restoration or awkward Planning issues that nobody else wants to do.

The Exmoor Centre is my other time consuming project, I manage this remote bunkhouse on Exmoor for The St Mary Lyncombe Exmoor Trust. The centre exists to provide cheap accommodation for young people to explore the wilds of Exmoor. Website here – ExmoorCentre.co.uk

I love cycling, not racing, just getting about on a bike. I have a trusty Ribble R4 mountainbike that I had made up to my spec in the mid-90s sometime and a old Bianchi 841 Lusso road bike that was an ebay bargain a few years ago. I have a list about a yard long of bikes I would like.

I don’t need to say anything about the Land Rover on this page, you’ll have gathered that its part of the family…